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Man Utd March 18
Man Utd March 18

Manchester United v Bolton

On March 18th 2011 a few of the Living with Molly girls joined forces with other Christies supporters to go fund-raising at the Manchester United vs Bolton football match.

The 70 or so fund-raisers collected over £7000 in total in the 3 hours we were out collecting.  The Living with Molly girls all wore Cantona masks so we could stand out in the crowd and it proved to be a great tactic as we ended up selling the masks on for a profit (all proceeds going into the buckets for Christies!).

We raised £452 of the £7000 which doesn't seem a lot but I can tell you it was very hard work and there was only a few of us!  It has kick-started the 2011 fund-raising off now - just another £11,508 to raise now!!!