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2009 Fund-raising


2009 was the start of my fund-raising.  I had promised that once I had finished the chemo and radiotherapy I would throw a party to celebrate and invite all my friends and family that had supported me throughout my treatment.

As I had lost all my hair through the chemo and had to wear a wig to feel dressy and girly again, I asked everyone to come in a wig that night.  What started off as a celebration party ended up as a fantastic fund-raising night with over 95% of attendees wearing wigs, everyone having fun and lots of money being raised in thr process.

From that night on we realised we had to carry on doing this and the fund-raising journey began.  There is just one 'given' with the Living With Molly fund-raising, and that is there has to be fun involved - we put the Fun into Fund-raising!