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Once,Twice,3 Times..
Once,Twice,3 Times..

an athlon.....

Message from Achille:

"L’entente cordiale" does exist I have proof

In between a world of tantric and colourful excitements at work, I finally managed to go for lunch with the ever-famous Sam. 20 minutes into the lunch; I was tortured into joining the cause to make the world a better place.  How did that happen? "The lady" has talents and a passion that will fuel the Miller Street tower for a decade!

For those of you who wonder, here is what I will do for Sam:

I shall raise funds through my Triathlon races. I shall put my inhibition aside and share dodgy pictures of me in wetsuit, sweating in my Lycra. Obviously any embarrassing situations will have special attention whether it is during training or races. I will also post regular updates and remind you to dig deep into your pocket in support! You have been warned this joined venture has the sole aim of breaching the £10 000 mark!

I shall keep it short and sweet for the time being. I am racing this Saturday (Half Ironman) and will update you all, once I am out of ER!


Remember anything is possible, and keep giving as it does make a difference (not just on television)