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Why 'Living With Molly'?

Living With Molly - not the name I would have chosen for my blog, but one that my oh so humerous husband wanted! I would have had 'Battle of the Boob' or something similar, but he thought that Living with Molly would lead to more readers as people may think I'd started living with a woman instead of him (or being with a woman as well as him, if he got his way - and no, he won't!!).   In reality, Molly, is short for Molly Dancer - rhyming slang for cancer - which leads me to the reason for having a blog in the first place...

My Blog

Below is a link to the Blog 'Living with Molly' that I started at the beginning of my journey.  

Please feel free to catch up on all the goings on - its been a rollercoaster of a ride! 

To find out how it all began, click on 'archive' (faded out in the left hand menu) >2008>View Subjects.  You can then work your way through all the entries (by clicking 'next entry') and be ready to laugh and cry through all the ups and downs!